7 Deadly Social Sins

27 06 2007


7 Deadly Social Sins (Mahatma Gandhi)

Excerpts from Chapter 7 – Seven Deadly Sins


One Acre At a Time

26 06 2007

Okay so the global warming threat is now in our faces more than ever.

We have all seen the film “An Inconvenient Truth”. (If not, I suggest you do ASAP). If not checked, the repercussions include a dangerous rise in sea levels, unstable weather conditions (tsunamis, hurricanes), failed crops, depletion of natural resources, and the extinction of species (possibly humans!)

If you are not already doing your bit towards a greener, cleaner planet then hopefully you can put your money where your mouth is and check out the Raintrust Foundation.


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Film Review – “CRANK”

25 06 2007

Crank, 2006Got this DVD off a mate since it had Jason Statham

(of transporter fame) in the lead role.

Not a great movie in terms of story. Definately worth watching to kill some time. With a non-stop array of strong violence, pervasive language, sexuality, nudity and drug use, you have a winner 😉

Some really funky, trippy visual stuff going on right through the movie.

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2nd Gen iPod Shuffle goes BLACK ;-)

24 06 2007


They say innovation is a quality for successful entrepreneurship. The Chinese for one
have definitely taken this up a notch!

How can you go wrong with a functional mp3 player for 15$ ?? I have seen a lot of fakes in the asian markets. From the pictures the black shuffle seems impressive, they even got the packaging right.

Added bonus : Its “assomboled” in China 😉

Source : Engadget
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Lil’ Bush : Satirical political comedy !!

24 06 2007


I stumbled upon episodes 1&2 of this show while leeching for some Comedy Central material.

With a lot of influence from SOUTHPARK, meeting the Simpsons somewhere along the way its 30 mins of witty comedy and also mature in addressing the real world issues.

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End of an Error (era!)

15 06 2007

Finally I have completed my BA. Degree. After 3 years and 36 written university examinations, I dare not say I’m more ‘educated’ 😉

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Back to the Future?

10 06 2007

Remember the Robot b9 from “Lost in Space” ? The show literally defies description.

A company has started manufacturing full life-size replicas! Complete with “warning!” alerts. If your prepared to shell out US$25000 here’s your chance to own a piece of 60’s memorobilia.