Nano set to impress!

11 01 2008


At the official unveiling of the small car “Nano”, Mr.Ratan Tata went on to explain how he intends to fulfill his promise of the worlds cheapest car.

He said that the car meets emission norms and that the controversies surrounding it are baseless allegations.

Also there was talk of how the car will be environmentally friendly, this I would take with a pinch of salt.

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Automobile Industry says “NO”. Tata says “NAno”

9 01 2008

This Reuters photo taken at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi shows the Tata Groups new small car the “Nano”. Reported to be priced @ $2500.00 it has forced the nay-nayers to keep shut.

Though environmentally it spells a potential disaster, the feat nonetheless is monumental! Also Ratan

Tata has shown the world what India is capable of considering the automobile giants of the world havent yet managed to showcase anything similar.

Tata Nano