Sony unveils “Rolly” – What is it?

10 09 2007

rolly_w03_1280.jpgThe Sony Rolly SEP-10BT “Sound Entertainment Player” is officially here. Though it’s not really clear what the utility of this gizmo is.

Its not the pet robot, nor is it a portable audio player, or stereo.

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2nd Gen iPod Shuffle goes BLACK ;-)

24 06 2007


They say innovation is a quality for successful entrepreneurship. The Chinese for one
have definitely taken this up a notch!

How can you go wrong with a functional mp3 player for 15$ ?? I have seen a lot of fakes in the asian markets. From the pictures the black shuffle seems impressive, they even got the packaging right.

Added bonus : Its “assomboled” in China 😉

Source : Engadget
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