Lil’ Bush : Satirical political comedy !!

24 06 2007


I stumbled upon episodes 1&2 of this show while leeching for some Comedy Central material.

With a lot of influence from SOUTHPARK, meeting the Simpsons somewhere along the way its 30 mins of witty comedy and also mature in addressing the real world issues.

If your even a little bit politically informed then the show will entertain you since it handles relevant issues in a simplistic and humorous way. The animations pretty good too retaining a lot of originality while making them cute Lil’ kids.

Both shows also have a performance by the Lil’ Bush Band, so its probably a feature in every episode.

The main characters consists of Lil’ George, Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Rummy and the incoherent and abusive , Lil’ Cheney who take ‘problems’ into their own hands and sort things out. Also present is George Sr., mom Bar, and the retarded brother Jeb.

In Episode 1 (the premiere) the shorts are split into :

1) Lil’ Bush misguiding the rest of the gang on a trip to Iraq to find a “feel good” present for George Sr.’s as a Father’s Day gift & 2) A contest to see who can kiss a girl first.

Each split is hilarious with appearance from Lil’ Clinton, Lil’s Hillary and also other Iraqi figureheads.

Episode 2 is where Lil’ Bush learns to stand up for himself against Lil’ Kim Jong-il and Lil’ Bush& Gang go to summer camp and discover a sleeper cell.

Not sure how the reactions to the show will be, maybe there’s going to be a lot of negative responses as it has come too late to make a real impact. Nevertheless I think its going to amuse a lot of people 🙂




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