Film Review – “CRANK”

25 06 2007

Crank, 2006Got this DVD off a mate since it had Jason Statham

(of transporter fame) in the lead role.

Not a great movie in terms of story. Definately worth watching to kill some time. With a non-stop array of strong violence, pervasive language, sexuality, nudity and drug use, you have a winner 😉

Some really funky, trippy visual stuff going on right through the movie.

The directors seem to have used some interesting shooting techniques with simultaneous, wide-angle and close up shots. Lots of freeze frames and interesting snippets from 80’s arcade games. There’s some great shot selections. From time to time you see special effects like superimposing words over the screen and faces of actors. Gives it that extra coolness. Also that liquid vision from time to time.. for those who have seen Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, you know what I mean!

Statham, a professional hitman wakes up to find he’s been injected with a deadly poison that will kill him within an hour. His only hope of not lyingin a coffin is to keep his adrenaline levels up skyrocketing. What ensues is a massive trail of non-stop action, carnage and madness as he seeks to exact revenge upon Cantillo (rival).

When Jason goes hunting for epinephrine(based on his docs advise), he ends up at a pharmacy. A guy tells him that he can get his fix of epinephrine with nasal spray. Chap looked familiar, now I know its Chester who is one of the lead singers of linkin park.

Anyway I will let you watch and decide!

Oh and what do you think, did he survive the fall 😀




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