7 Deadly Social Sins

27 06 2007


7 Deadly Social Sins (Mahatma Gandhi)

Excerpts from Chapter 7 – Seven Deadly Sins


End of an Error (era!)

15 06 2007

Finally I have completed my BA. Degree. After 3 years and 36 written university examinations, I dare not say I’m more ‘educated’ ūüėČ

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Psychedelic renaissance?

19 04 2007


If we are to believe the words of Timothy Leary, the verdict is that psychedelics are indeed beneficial to us humans.

The elite of American science, such as the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and Harvard, have been conducting what is thought to be its first research into therapeutic uses of psychedelics (in this case, Ecstasy) since the university fired Timothy Leary in 1963. Why the sudden urge to pry open the doors of perception again considering the first time was not really a smashing success!

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Alchohol & Tobacco potentially more dangerous than other ‘drugs’

23 03 2007

idmulogo1.gifIn research published today in the Lancet , Professor David Nutt of Bristol University and colleagues propose a new framework for the classification of harmful substances. Their ranking listed alcohol and tobacco among the ten most dangerous substances.

ALCOHOL and tobacco are more dangerous than illegal drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy, the new study claims.

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Proper Education!

4 02 2007

1979 : Psychedelic gurus Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the wall” is a track that made a mile stone in history.

Proper Education

2007 : Im not much of a house music fan but Eric Prydz track titled “Proper Education”, a remix of Floyds track has a thumbs up from me.

The track itself doesnt tickle my nuts but the concept, VIDEO and theme of the whole thing is brilliant!

Download : Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd – Proper Eductaion

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6 01 2007


The average American emits: 9.44 tons CO2/yr


Sun Salutation : Surya Namaskar

7 04 2005

suryanamaskar.jpgSuryanamaskar combines Yogasanas and Pranayama and brings about the general flexibility of the body preparing it for further Asanas and Pranayama. This is usually done both at sunrise and sunset, facing the Sun.

There are mainly 2 modes of performing Suryanamaskar. In one, there are 12 steps or counts and in the other only 10 in each round. Each stage of Suryanamaskar is accompanied by regulation of breath.

The 12 steps of the Suryanamaskar are as follows:

1. Stand erect with the legs together and palms together. Take the hands above the head and bend the trunk backwards. Here, inhale fully.

2. Bend the body to the bend and touch the knees by the forehead. Keep the palms on the floor on either side of the legs. Exhale fully.

3. In this stage, kick the right leg back, take the left knee forward, look up and inhale. Touch the thigh with the heel.

4. In the next step, take the left leg also back, resting only on palms and toes; keep the body straight from head to toes inclined to the ground at about 30 degree. Here exhale completely.

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