R.I.P – Albert Hoffman (1906 – 2008)

30 04 2008

Fellow Psycholics,

I was just informed about the death of Dr. Albert Hoffman…

One thing which always amazed me about him was that he never lost sight of his quest for knowledge and scientific inquiry even though he had crossed all borders of human consciousness. Somehow he rededicated his brilliant intellect to benefit humanity.

I guess in many ways he has blown our minds which is not a bad thing but not always a good thing either :-p

Incidently, Bicycle day (The day he intentionally dosed himself with LSD) was celebrated just sometime ago (April 19th)

And to think he gave us the gift of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds while trying to develop a relief medication for headaches !!

For those of you who havent yet read “My problem Child” authored by Hoffman… try and do so when its possible.

His spirit will live on… and who knows maybe in another lifetime he will cross our paths!

“Today a new sun rises
Look in the mirror
there’s no surprises
Things ain’t what they used to be
Cary Grant’s on L.S.D.

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime

It’s the only way to be
From here to eternity
Things ain’t what they used to be
We’re living under a false economy

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime

A million mums are hooked on valium
And you should see what you
have done to them
Things ain’t what they used to be
A generation raised on poverty

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime


The GodFathers – If I only had time

Film Review – “CRANK”

25 06 2007

Crank, 2006Got this DVD off a mate since it had Jason Statham

(of transporter fame) in the lead role.

Not a great movie in terms of story. Definately worth watching to kill some time. With a non-stop array of strong violence, pervasive language, sexuality, nudity and drug use, you have a winner 😉

Some really funky, trippy visual stuff going on right through the movie.

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Psychedelic renaissance?

19 04 2007


If we are to believe the words of Timothy Leary, the verdict is that psychedelics are indeed beneficial to us humans.

The elite of American science, such as the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and Harvard, have been conducting what is thought to be its first research into therapeutic uses of psychedelics (in this case, Ecstasy) since the university fired Timothy Leary in 1963. Why the sudden urge to pry open the doors of perception again considering the first time was not really a smashing success!

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Alchohol & Tobacco potentially more dangerous than other ‘drugs’

23 03 2007

idmulogo1.gifIn research published today in the Lancet , Professor David Nutt of Bristol University and colleagues propose a new framework for the classification of harmful substances. Their ranking listed alcohol and tobacco among the ten most dangerous substances.

ALCOHOL and tobacco are more dangerous than illegal drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy, the new study claims.

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Rocky Balboa charged for carrying HGH/AAS

25 12 2006

The legendary Rocky Balboa was intercepted by Australian customs for carrying close to 46 vials of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and Jintropin(form of test). His failure to declare the “stuff” even though he cas a valid prescription is going to cause some serious drama.

Australian laws are pretty harsh when it comes to certain things. Bodybuilders have a tough time with normal supplements too. I little birdy tells me that Vit.C might be banned shortly 😉

VW supplies employees with Viagra !

4 09 2005


An ongoing sex scandal at the German car manufacturer Volkswagen took a funny twist when one of the top brass admitted to providing VW works council members with viagra.

The scandal hit the company earlier this year and resulted in the resignation of several top executives.

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Russian Psychedelic Society!

20 07 2005

lsd_bottle1.jpgA special initiative group of scientists is establishing the Russian Psychedelic Society. The new organization has a goal to legalize the use of psychoactive drugs in official medicine, the mysterious lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD-25, first and foremost. A prominent US scientist, Stanislav Grof, is expected to participate in the first congress of the new organization, which is slated to take place in November 2005. Like Sigmund Freud or Carl Yung, Grof is said to be one of the greatest revolutionaries in psychology.

”LSD-25 was studied very well 40 years ago. Remarkable qualities of the substance were used in the field of psychotherapy back then. – A spokesman for the initiative group, Anton Chuppin said. – Unfortunately, certain legal processes put an end to the research when psychedelic drugs were excluded from the list of legal medications. We believe that it was a wrong decision to make. A group of American scientists and cultural figures addressed to the US Surgeon General last year with a request to legalize LSD-25 to use it in medicine,” Mr. Chuppin said.

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