iphone 4gs vs Samsung Galaxy s2 – Comparison chart

8 10 2011

Here is a side by side comparison chart of the 2 hottest smart phones in the market today.

Either option will keep basic consumers satisfied and blown away by specs and performance!


iphone 4gs vs galaxy s2


Image Source : Samsung.com


Tribute to Steve Jobs – CNN Edit

6 10 2011

iSigh! Steve Jobs – RiP

6 10 2011

STEVE Jobs has died surrounded by family after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He is being Steve Jobs, Tributeremembered as a creative genius, a visionary who changed the world and the way we live.

6 Quick Exercises to relieve neck pain

5 10 2011

We spend countless hours on the computer or the TV nowadays. For this reason our neck is subjected to stiffness and neck pain. Neck pain further results in stress and feeling inactive for the rest of the day.

To get rid of neck pain and the stiffness that we feel after spending countless hours in front of TV or computer screens neck exercises are available. Neck exercises should be incorporated in our daily routine. Neck exercises helps in maintaining range of motion or loss of movement is regained in the neck.

There is a number of neck exercises designed to get rid of neck pain. Some of these exercises are given below:

1. Neck flexion: Move your head backwards. After this, you should move the head forward such that it touches your chest and stare at the floor. Now lift back your head to original position. Repeat the exercise for five times. With these exercise increases stretch on neck is increased.

2. Neck extension: First move back the head such that you are looking at the ceiling. This should be done in a gradual movement. Hold this position for few seconds before returning to original position. You should repeat this exercise five times. With this exercise the joints are forced to extreme position at back of the neck.

3. Rotation: First you should turn your head slowly to one side until you can’t move it forward further. You should hold the neck in this position for few seconds before returning to original position. Now turn your head to the one side five times before turning to other side for five times.

4. Side flexions: First you should keep the head with face facing forward. Then bend your ear towards your shoulder without rotating your body to the side. Now return to your initial position. Repeat this exercise about five times before performing it on the other ear.

5. Neck Retraction: For this you have to keep your face straight. Now, draw your head backwards while moving your chin downwards slightly. You should hold this position for few seconds before returning to the original position. Neck retraction is similar with to and fro motion of a chicken.

6. Upper nodding of neck: Lie on your back flat. You can place pillow below your head. Now rock the neck by rotating your head forward. Make sure not to lift the head from bottom surface. You may feel tightening pull in your upper neck. Return to the original position. Do not perform this by pushing head hard.

Lets “talk” iphone! Keynote blog link included

5 10 2011

So it is finally here, drumrollllllll – iPhone 4G ‘s’ and not the rumuored iphone 5

Some interesting features – especially Siri (bottomline you still need Data or WiFi for Siri to respond)

Hardware – There has been a number of Android phones bosting the same specs for over a year now (Samsung Galaxy II)

iphone 5 /4gs – Live Keynote Blog

iPhone 5 leaks : Rumour mill running wild

3 10 2011

The October 4th date Apple Press release is just hours away and we have tech-blogs and the forums running in a frenzy.

Below is a video showing supposed iphone 5 cases. There is a possibility these maybe for the new ipod touch. Only time will tell. Personally I’m looking for a 4″ display, dual core processor, 1080p video and anything else they might throw. iOS5 is a given.

If not, Android here I come ūüôā