2nd Gen iPod Shuffle goes BLACK ;-)

24 06 2007


They say innovation is a quality for successful entrepreneurship. The Chinese for one
have definitely taken this up a notch!

How can you go wrong with a functional mp3 player for 15$ ?? I have seen a lot of fakes in the asian markets. From the pictures the black shuffle seems impressive, they even got the packaging right.

Added bonus : Its “assomboled” in China ūüėČ

Source : Engadget
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ztc 321 = iPhone ?

14 12 2006

ZTC 321

The chinese never cease to amaze us with their blatant copies of practically everything ranging from movies to fashion to electronics and currently even cellphones. Im sure in a short time they will offer services for getting duplicate parents, brothers, sisters and what not in case you need a replacement!!

The ZTC 321 stands as testimony to the ingenuity of the Chinese factories. It is rumored to be the iPhone that apple will put out shortly ūüėČ
The ZTC 321 ships with 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 playback, a jog wheel, and a silver iPod-like back.

I wasnt able to get the price, but whatever is your bound to buy it because it will be a steal!

Source : Uberphones