iphone 4gs vs Samsung Galaxy s2 – Comparison chart

8 10 2011

Here is a side by side comparison chart of the 2 hottest smart phones in the market today.

Either option will keep basic consumers satisfied and blown away by specs and performance!


iphone 4gs vs galaxy s2


Image Source : Samsung.com


iSigh! Steve Jobs – RiP

6 10 2011

STEVE Jobs has died surrounded by family after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He is being Steve Jobs, Tributeremembered as a creative genius, a visionary who changed the world and the way we live.

Lets “talk” iphone! Keynote blog link included

5 10 2011

So it is finally here, drumrollllllll – iPhone 4G ‘s’ and not the rumuored iphone 5

Some interesting features – especially Siri (bottomline you still need Data or WiFi for Siri to respond)

Hardware – There has been a number of Android phones bosting the same specs for over a year now (Samsung Galaxy II)

iphone 5 /4gs – Live Keynote Blog

iPhone 5 leaks : Rumour mill running wild

3 10 2011

The October 4th date Apple Press release is just hours away and we have tech-blogs and the forums running in a frenzy.

Below is a video showing supposed iphone 5 cases. There is a possibility these maybe for the new ipod touch. Only time will tell. Personally I’m looking for a 4″ display, dual core processor, 1080p video and anything else they might throw. iOS5 is a given.

If not, Android here I come ūüôā

Apple iBlade Prototype

17 07 2007


2nd Gen iPod Shuffle goes BLACK ;-)

24 06 2007


They say innovation is a quality for successful entrepreneurship. The Chinese for one
have definitely taken this up a notch!

How can you go wrong with a functional mp3 player for 15$ ?? I have seen a lot of fakes in the asian markets. From the pictures the black shuffle seems impressive, they even got the packaging right.

Added bonus : Its “assomboled” in China ūüėČ

Source : Engadget
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Naked iPod nano!

12 09 2005


PC Watch, Japan has ripped apart an iPod Nano to get a closer look. Not surprisingly the memory for the iPod is manufactured by Samsung ūüėČ

Source : TechEblog