Alchohol & Tobacco potentially more dangerous than other ‘drugs’

23 03 2007

idmulogo1.gifIn research published today in the Lancet , Professor David Nutt of Bristol University and colleagues propose a new framework for the classification of harmful substances. Their ranking listed alcohol and tobacco among the ten most dangerous substances.

ALCOHOL and tobacco are more dangerous than illegal drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy, the new study claims.

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New Mexico the twelfth state to legalise medical cannabis

17 03 2007

medical.gifNew Mexico lawmakers have approved a bill that will legalise the medicinal use of cannabis, set up a state -run system for distributing the medicine, and license producers to grow it.

On 13 March the House of Representatives approved a bill that would legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes in New Mexico by a 36-31 vote.
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Canada’s Medical Marijuana Programme

25 08 2006


The common consensus is that Canada’s med marijuana program has been inefficient. The government contract with Manitoba’s Prairie Plant Systems to supply medical marijuana has expired. So this might be a good time to overhaul the system.

The Canadian government has already spent more than $5.5-million on the program, under 200 Canadians are currently enrolled in the program.

According to official statistics from the Canadian AIDS Society only a meagre 1.7 per cent of Canadian medical marijuana patients use the government program, while 85 per cent of them obtain their marijuana on the black market.

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“Cannabis gave me my life back”

4 05 2005

Jeanie Rae

A BREAST cancer victim has made medical history as the first person in Scotland to be prescribed cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain.

Former nurse Jeanie Rae, 57, has been taking a purified form of the controversial drug to treat the agonising nerve damage in her right arm caused by an operation and radiotherapy to beat her cancer.


The pain left her virtually imprisoned in her home in Balfron, Stirlingshire, for nearly four years because she could not bare even the lightest touch.

Source : The Scotsman
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