2nd Gen iPod Shuffle goes BLACK ;-)

24 06 2007


They say innovation is a quality for successful entrepreneurship. The Chinese for one
have definitely taken this up a notch!

How can you go wrong with a functional mp3 player for 15$ ?? I have seen a lot of fakes in the asian markets. From the pictures the black shuffle seems impressive, they even got the packaging right.

Added bonus : Its “assomboled” in China 😉

Source : Engadget

The OEM ipod headphones are crappy anyways, so with the $ saved on the knock-off you can get yourself a decent pair of cans and enjoy your favourite moozik!

 fake_ipodshuffle_7.jpg fake_ipodshuffle_6.jpg fake_ipodshuffle_2.jpg fake_ipodshuffle_3.jpg




One response

2 10 2008

Do you have a photo of the clip?
I´ll be interested if it´s similar to the original.

Thanks a lot

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