iPhone 5s : Possible delays?

17 07 2013
Rumoured iPhone 5s

Rumoured iPhone 5s

IMG Source : reviews.cnet.com

Rumour has it that Apple wants to switch the screen size from 4 inches to 4.3 inches some media reports claim.

“[Apple] halted processor production for [the] iPhone 5S in May,” according to BrightWire news. That initial iPhone 5S design had a 4-inch screen.

The rumors thus far:

July 15, 2013
Apple gearing up iPhone 5S for output this month, analyst says
The manufacturing of the iPhone 5S is speculated to begin later in July, with small-batch production of a low-cost iPhone already in progress. The estimated availability would be in late September or early October.

July 5, 2013
Cheap iPhone shown off in colorful mock-ups
The speculated budget iPhone could be called the iPhone Light and sport a plastic case that comes in a rainbow of colors, as well as having lower specs.

July 1, 2013
LTE-Advanced iPhone 5S and budget model rumors surface
A Korean news outlet expects a version of the iPhone 5S with high-speed LTE, and a Chinese tech blog claims the budget iPhone is expected to be offered in several different colors.

June 21, 2013
New iPhone 5S photos reportedly surface
New photos show a tweaked rear shell with a larger LED flash and a main logic board with a new layout for components.

June 9, 2013
No redesigned iPhone expected this year, report says
The Wall Street Journal reports Apple’s next smartphone won’t be dramatically different than the current model.

May 23, 2013
iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone said to be multicolored
The rumored iPhone 5S might come in green, gold, or pink, and there’s the possibility of a dual-LED flash.


iphone 4gs vs Samsung Galaxy s2 – Comparison chart

8 10 2011

Here is a side by side comparison chart of the 2 hottest smart phones in the market today.

Either option will keep basic consumers satisfied and blown away by specs and performance!


iphone 4gs vs galaxy s2


Image Source : Samsung.com

iSigh! Steve Jobs – RiP

6 10 2011

STEVE Jobs has died surrounded by family after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He is being Steve Jobs, Tributeremembered as a creative genius, a visionary who changed the world and the way we live.

Lets “talk” iphone! Keynote blog link included

5 10 2011

So it is finally here, drumrollllllll – iPhone 4G ‘s’ and not the rumuored iphone 5

Some interesting features – especially Siri (bottomline you still need Data or WiFi for Siri to respond)

Hardware – There has been a number of Android phones bosting the same specs for over a year now (Samsung Galaxy II)

iphone 5 /4gs – Live Keynote Blog

iPhone 5 leaks : Rumour mill running wild

3 10 2011

The October 4th date Apple Press release is just hours away and we have tech-blogs and the forums running in a frenzy.

Below is a video showing supposed iphone 5 cases. There is a possibility these maybe for the new ipod touch. Only time will tell. Personally I’m looking for a 4″ display, dual core processor, 1080p video and anything else they might throw. iOS5 is a given.

If not, Android here I come ūüôā

iPhone hits India – Its official !

20 08 2008

The iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB at Rs 31,000(730$ US) and Rs 36,100(850$ US) respectively.

Vodafone – iPhone

Data plan info:

Postpaid plans for iPhone

iPhone 499 iPhone 799 iPhone 999
Monthly fees (Rs/month) 499 799 999
All local calls (Re/min) 0.60 0.60 0.60
All STD calls(Re/min) 1 1 1
Local 1 1 1
National 2 2 2
International 5 5 5
Free minutes (Local +STD) per month 199 249 299
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month 50 250 600

Or you can just add an iPhone data plan on your already existing Vodafone Postpaid plan:
Postpaid data plan for iPhone

iPhone Data Pack 199 iPhone Data Pack 499 iPhone Data Pack 699
Monthly fees (INR) 199 499 699
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month 50 250 600
Savings % 61% 81% 89%

If you’re a Prepaid customer you can simply add the below Prepaid data plan for iPhone on your Vodafone Prepaid tariff plan:
Prepaid data plan for iPhone
iPhone Prepaid data Bonus Card

Monthly fees (INR) 100
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month Nil

iPhone 3g : 24 countries on July 11th

10 07 2008