Apple iBlade Prototype

17 07 2007



Solar power cells to be affordable in the near future.

13 07 2007

200707130022_01.jpgA group of Korean scientists have developed a solar cell that will boost the alternative energy industry and solve our problem of depleting fossil fuels.

Industry sources say the efficiency of converting solar power to electricity should be at least seven percent for commercialization, which up until now has never been achieved.

The researchers plan to double the cell’s efficiency and commercialize the technology by 2012. The plastic solar cell is rated to have 6.5 percent efficiency which is sufficiently high for commercial products.

This innovation sounds promising to me and it will be good to see these solar cells making its way into common place consumer goods! Go Korea !

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Urgent need to protect unique ecosystem!

10 07 2007


The Athirappilly – Vazhachal area in the southern Western Ghats of Kerala hosts a unique ecosystem of evergreen, riverine forests intermingled with Myristica swamps.

This ecosystem supports a large number of endemic, rare, threatened and endangered species of plants and animals. While science is still discovering many new species from the area, a hydro-electric project threatens to wipe out these forests.

Buy a T-shirt to show your support!

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Beijing to take a million cars off the street !

6 07 2007


In a bid to ensure cleaner air, Beijing is planning to ban a million cars from the city’s streets as preparation for next year’s Olympics. The test run will last 2 weeks in Beijing from August 7-20.

This two-week period is crucial to Olympic planners, as it roughly coincides with the time that the Games will be held next year, from August 8-24.  As per official statistics around 15 billion dollars has allready been spent on a massive pollution clean-up in the run-up to the Olympics.

Air quality remains a key concern.

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Dalai Lama : Celebrates 72nd Birthday

6 07 2007


The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) turns 72 today.

The spiritual leader who sought refuge in India has not set foot in his homeland for 48 years. This year he will be celebrating what is known as an obstacle birthday. According to the Tibetan beliefs an individual is likely to experience loss and suffering every 12 years.

The world’s oldest couple — a 103-year-old retired army soldier, Thakur Pyara Singh, and his 101-year-old wife Hansa Devi — have been invited to bless the Dalai Lama.

According to Tibetan custom, the blessings of old people wards off obstacles from a person’s life.

Join thousands in offering prayers and wishes to a man who has dedicated his life to promote the concepts of universal responsibility, secular ethics, and religious harmony.

Breaking Pornography Addiction

4 07 2007


What are the Ten Keys?

KEY 1: I am Not Alone

KEY 2: I am Not My Addiction

KEY 3: Pain, Not Porn, is Part of any Happy Life

KEY 4: All Sex Addiction Feeds on Lust

KEY 5: Porn DOES Hurt People

KEY 6: A Relapse Doesn’t Mean You’ve Been Wasting Your Time

KEY 7: I Don’t Have to be Perfect to Recover

KEY 8: No Religion has a Monopoly on Recovery

KEY 9: Healthy Support from a Loved One Can Help End
an Active Addiction

KEY 10: I May Always be Susceptible

Source : Keys to recovery

Japans fastest bullet train : n700

3 07 2007


The obsession never ends! Type N700, a new bullet train developed in Japan is said to be the fastest yet.

The n700 can hit speeds of up to 186mph (previous record was 168.5mph). This translates to a 2hr 25mins ride from Tokyo to Osaka. It uses a new form of Automatic Train Control (or ATC) to monitor the train’s speed and stability during curves in the track and also boasts a 30% increase in acceleration, which reduces the amount of time it takes to reach its maximum speed.

All that money to save 5 mins ! Oh wait.. was it the japs who said, time = money ?