Earthquake – Sichuan, China

13 05 2008

Today a magnitude 8 (!) earthquake is reported in Chengdu — the nominal starting point for our summer trip.

An on-line blog reports Sichuan, China
Magnitude: 8.0
Origin time: 2008/05/12 06:28:02.3 UTC
Epicenter: 103.19°E 31.13°N
Depth: 10 km

Location: manually revised

Other news media now reporting it is magnitude 7.8 with large and growing death toll.


Automobile Industry says “NO”. Tata says “NAno”

9 01 2008

This Reuters photo taken at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi shows the Tata Groups new small car the “Nano”. Reported to be priced @ $2500.00 it has forced the nay-nayers to keep shut.

Though environmentally it spells a potential disaster, the feat nonetheless is monumental! Also Ratan

Tata has shown the world what India is capable of considering the automobile giants of the world havent yet managed to showcase anything similar.

Tata Nano

Urgent need to protect unique ecosystem!

10 07 2007


The Athirappilly – Vazhachal area in the southern Western Ghats of Kerala hosts a unique ecosystem of evergreen, riverine forests intermingled with Myristica swamps.

This ecosystem supports a large number of endemic, rare, threatened and endangered species of plants and animals. While science is still discovering many new species from the area, a hydro-electric project threatens to wipe out these forests.

Buy a T-shirt to show your support!

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Beijing to take a million cars off the street !

6 07 2007


In a bid to ensure cleaner air, Beijing is planning to ban a million cars from the city’s streets as preparation for next year’s Olympics. The test run will last 2 weeks in Beijing from August 7-20.

This two-week period is crucial to Olympic planners, as it roughly coincides with the time that the Games will be held next year, from August 8-24.  As per official statistics around 15 billion dollars has allready been spent on a massive pollution clean-up in the run-up to the Olympics.

Air quality remains a key concern.

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7/7/7 : Live Earth

1 07 2007


China will broadcast Live Earth, giving the climate change concerts an audience of 2 billion. Will that silence the sceptics?

It wont! Besides the all english line-up in China isnt bound to have too much influence either!! Nor is it going to stop the worlds appetite for cheaply produced stuff coming out of china’s factories.

The actual impact of the concert to work towards global warming issues might not be that much… more of a publicity stunt for AL GORE and the artists involved.. but hey its still a chance to sit back and ENJOY the music. While the our planet still has some grunt left in it 😉

VH1 will be screening the 24 hour show here in India.

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One Acre At a Time

26 06 2007

Okay so the global warming threat is now in our faces more than ever.

We have all seen the film “An Inconvenient Truth”. (If not, I suggest you do ASAP). If not checked, the repercussions include a dangerous rise in sea levels, unstable weather conditions (tsunamis, hurricanes), failed crops, depletion of natural resources, and the extinction of species (possibly humans!)

If you are not already doing your bit towards a greener, cleaner planet then hopefully you can put your money where your mouth is and check out the Raintrust Foundation.


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Proper Education!

4 02 2007

1979 : Psychedelic gurus Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the wall” is a track that made a mile stone in history.

Proper Education

2007 : Im not much of a house music fan but Eric Prydz track titled “Proper Education”, a remix of Floyds track has a thumbs up from me.

The track itself doesnt tickle my nuts but the concept, VIDEO and theme of the whole thing is brilliant!

Download : Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd – Proper Eductaion

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