One Acre At a Time

26 06 2007

Okay so the global warming threat is now in our faces more than ever.

We have all seen the film “An Inconvenient Truth”. (If not, I suggest you do ASAP). If not checked, the repercussions include a dangerous rise in sea levels, unstable weather conditions (tsunamis, hurricanes), failed crops, depletion of natural resources, and the extinction of species (possibly humans!)

If you are not already doing your bit towards a greener, cleaner planet then hopefully you can put your money where your mouth is and check out the Raintrust Foundation.


Tropical rainforest’s are critical to the ecological health of the planet. More than 20% of the oxygen we breathe is generated by rainforests. If we dont check issues such as CO2 emmisions, man made forest fires and indiscriminate tree felling, the lungs of are planet will be damaged forever.

Their mission is to promote ecologically-sustainable businesses that will help preserve the precious amazon rainforest lands for the future of the planet.

So sponsor your Acre of Rainforest today !! Hopefully these guys arent filling their own pockets :-/

Source : Urth




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