Nationwide protests to show support for saving Ram Setu!

12 09 2007

Ram Setu

Many independent groups chose today Sept 12, 2007 to stage a nationwide protest against the Supreme Courts decision to give the go ahead for the Sethusamudram project. The rallies are being stormed by hard line Hindus to campaign against the proposed shipping canal project between India and Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately the Indian media is resorting to some really superficial journalism and not realizing the depth of the matter.

Would Australia agree to destroy the great barrier reefs so ships can save 600kms of travel? I think not !

I just finished watching an interview with Dr. Praveen Togadia on the “Headlines Today” news channel which had an absolutely pig headed and arrogant anchor – Zakka Jacob. He made many incriminating statements and chose to deal with the interviewee in a aggressive manner showing utter disregard for not just religious sentiments but also India’s heritage and rich ecological wealth that needs to be protected. What a blowjob this Zakka chap is!

While we are talking thorium deposits, unique and diverse marine species and a natural barrier against tsunami’s, the news anchors are more worried about the traffic jams and inconvenience caused to the corporate rat race because of todays protests. One lady had to give birth on the road because she couldnt make it to the hospital. Sad I agree. But come on look at the bigger picture you damn petty fools!!! Look beyond the Mythological argument. So what if its a natural formation? All the more reason why we shouldnt be blasting our way through it.

Leaving aside the Hindu sentiments, such a blatant disregard just goes to show the bloody sham justice system today. Not just for India but the entire worlds natural ecological treasures.

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US Teen exchanges hacked iPhone for Nissan 350z !

29 08 2007

A New Jersey teenager has cut a sweet deal to trade a hacked iPhone for a new set of wheels and three further iPhones.

George Hotz, a 17 year old living in Glen Rock, made the announcement on his blog, having successfully unlocked the Jesus phone. Duly released from the shackles of AT&T, the device was then swiftly offered for sale.

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Breaking Pornography Addiction

4 07 2007


What are the Ten Keys?

KEY 1: I am Not Alone

KEY 2: I am Not My Addiction

KEY 3: Pain, Not Porn, is Part of any Happy Life

KEY 4: All Sex Addiction Feeds on Lust

KEY 5: Porn DOES Hurt People

KEY 6: A Relapse Doesn’t Mean You’ve Been Wasting Your Time

KEY 7: I Don’t Have to be Perfect to Recover

KEY 8: No Religion has a Monopoly on Recovery

KEY 9: Healthy Support from a Loved One Can Help End
an Active Addiction

KEY 10: I May Always be Susceptible

Source : Keys to recovery

Japans fastest bullet train : n700

3 07 2007


The obsession never ends! Type N700, a new bullet train developed in Japan is said to be the fastest yet.

The n700 can hit speeds of up to 186mph (previous record was 168.5mph). This translates to a 2hr 25mins ride from Tokyo to Osaka. It uses a new form of Automatic Train Control (or ATC) to monitor the train’s speed and stability during curves in the track and also boasts a 30% increase in acceleration, which reduces the amount of time it takes to reach its maximum speed.

All that money to save 5 mins ! Oh wait.. was it the japs who said, time = money ?

iPhone sells 500000!

2 07 2007


Ok so the accurate figures may not be available yet… but to sell half a million phones within the initial week of launching the product is a darned good feat! Originally Apple thought they would sell “only” 200,000 iPhones on Friday and Saturday. When businesses closed on Sunday over half a million phones had been sold! This considering supply issues at AT&T store.

Survey results show that 95% of buyers purchased the 8 GB model with 50% of all customers switching from their current service provider to AT&T.

So now the worries have begun as to whether Apple can keep up with the demand.

Source : Engadget

7/7/7 : Live Earth

1 07 2007


China will broadcast Live Earth, giving the climate change concerts an audience of 2 billion. Will that silence the sceptics?

It wont! Besides the all english line-up in China isnt bound to have too much influence either!! Nor is it going to stop the worlds appetite for cheaply produced stuff coming out of china’s factories.

The actual impact of the concert to work towards global warming issues might not be that much… more of a publicity stunt for AL GORE and the artists involved.. but hey its still a chance to sit back and ENJOY the music. While the our planet still has some grunt left in it ūüėČ

VH1 will be screening the 24 hour show here in India.

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7 Deadly Social Sins

27 06 2007


7 Deadly Social Sins (Mahatma Gandhi)

Excerpts from Chapter 7 – Seven Deadly Sins