End of an Error (era!)

15 06 2007

Finally I have completed my BA. Degree. After 3 years and 36 written university examinations, I dare not say I’m more ‘educated’ 😉

There’s a few things to be said about being part of a highly disciplined Jesuit institution. First and foremost an ode to those who didnt make it due to non-adherence of the stipulated “rules”. Fear not my friends, its their loss and your gain!!

To blindly follow a system that has been in place for a century now defeats the purpose of imparting ‘education’ to the youth. The time is crucial for change and the needs of the pulsating new generation must be accomodated while incorporating a more liberal yet professional system.

That being said some members of the arts faculty at St.Josephs college have been able to get into some of the far corners of my grey matter. Positive strokes are a plenty. The very spirit of service of the Jesuit fore fathers still runs strong today. In many ways the institution has definitely influenced me in a positive way.

So yes, maybe I wasnt educated in the literal sense… but somethings come out of it. Alls well, that ends well. Corny, but true 🙂

Now im off to let loose in some pristine bits of Coorg. Rain-forests, Waterfalls, coffee plantations, leeches, Spicy pork, honeybee brandy and what not!




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