Hempcar : Transamerica!

15 01 2005

bwfront.gif Hemp car was an alternative-fuel project car that utilized hemp biodiesel for fuel. Industrial hemp would be an economical fuel if hemp were legal to cultivate in the United States. Industrial hemp has no psychoactive properties and is not a drug. Hemp Car demonstrates the concept of hemp fuels on a national level and promotes the reformation of current law.

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Animals Sixth Sense

11 01 2005

As the reports of the horrific tsunami came in on December 26, 2004 only the mention of human bodies piling up appeared all over the news.

Its only later that we began to realise that virtually no animals succumbed to the disaster. Did the animals sense the impending doom?

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Most powerful eruption in the universe discovered

7 01 2005

Astronomers have found the most powerful eruption in the universe using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. A super massive black hole generated this eruption by growing at a remarkable rate. This discovery shows the enormous appetite of large black holes, and the profound impact they have on their surroundings.


Source: Chandra X-ray Center

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