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2 11 2010

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iPhone hits India – Its official !

20 08 2008

The iPhone 3G is available in 8GB and 16GB at Rs 31,000(730$ US) and Rs 36,100(850$ US) respectively.

Vodafone – iPhone

Data plan info:

Postpaid plans for iPhone

iPhone 499 iPhone 799 iPhone 999
Monthly fees (Rs/month) 499 799 999
All local calls (Re/min) 0.60 0.60 0.60
All STD calls(Re/min) 1 1 1
Local 1 1 1
National 2 2 2
International 5 5 5
Free minutes (Local +STD) per month 199 249 299
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month 50 250 600

Or you can just add an iPhone data plan on your already existing Vodafone Postpaid plan:
Postpaid data plan for iPhone

iPhone Data Pack 199 iPhone Data Pack 499 iPhone Data Pack 699
Monthly fees (INR) 199 499 699
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month 50 250 600
Savings % 61% 81% 89%

If you’re a Prepaid customer you can simply add the below Prepaid data plan for iPhone on your Vodafone Prepaid tariff plan:
Prepaid data plan for iPhone
iPhone Prepaid data Bonus Card

Monthly fees (INR) 100
iPhone data browsing charges 5p/10Kb
Free data usage (MB) per month Nil

Cuil : The COOL google killer ?

29 07 2008

The newest kid on the block, its been a while since a search engine has stirred up this much interest. Cuil Claims of searching web pages upto 3 times as many as google and 10 times as mnay as Microsoft !!

Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil.

Kellog’s using GM ingredients

17 07 2008
Fuel vs Food

Fuel vs Food

(NaturalNews) The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has called for a boycott of the Kellogg Company, also known as Kellogg’s, after the company refused to sign a pledge refusing to use genetically modified sugar in its cereal products.

Sugar from genetically modified sugar beets hit the U.S. market for the first time this year, making the beets the first genetically engineered crop to enter the U.S. food stream since the widespread introduction of modified corn and soy in the 1990s. The sugar has been modified by the Monsanto Corporation to be resistant to the company’s signature herbicide, Roundup.

“These GE sugar beets do not provide any environmental, nutritional or food quality benefits whatsoever,” the OCA said. “They are created by Monsanto to withstand massive doses of herbicides and keep farmers on a never ending pesticide treadmill that is bad news for rural communities, the environment and consumers. The bottom line is that there are numerous options to GE sugar beets.”

More than 73 food producers and retailers have signed a pledge not to use genetically modified sugar in their products. When asked by the OCA to make such a pledge, however, Kellogg’s said it had no intention of doing so. While the company will make sure not to use modified sugar in any of its European products — the European Union has not approved sugar from the beets for human consumption — Kellogg’s insists that U.S. consumers do not care if their food is genetically modified.

“However, poll after poll have demonstrated that Americans want GE foods labeled and restricted,” the OCA said.

The OCA said that it decided to launch a Kellogg’s boycott only after the company refused to heed more than 15,000 letters asking the company not to use the modified beet sugar. In addition, the company clearly has the logistical ability to avoid genetically modified sugar, since it is already doing so for its European products.

• About the boycott: www.organicconsumers.org

• About biotechnology and U.S. food labeling: www.fda.gov

iPhone 3g : 24 countries on July 11th

10 07 2008

Earthquake – Sichuan, China

13 05 2008

Today a magnitude 8 (!) earthquake is reported in Chengdu — the nominal starting point for our summer trip.

An on-line blog reports Sichuan, China
Magnitude: 8.0
Origin time: 2008/05/12 06:28:02.3 UTC
Epicenter: 103.19°E 31.13°N
Depth: 10 km

Location: manually revised

Other news media now reporting it is magnitude 7.8 with large and growing death toll.

R.I.P – Albert Hoffman (1906 – 2008)

30 04 2008

Fellow Psycholics,

I was just informed about the death of Dr. Albert Hoffman…

One thing which always amazed me about him was that he never lost sight of his quest for knowledge and scientific inquiry even though he had crossed all borders of human consciousness. Somehow he rededicated his brilliant intellect to benefit humanity.

I guess in many ways he has blown our minds which is not a bad thing but not always a good thing either :-p

Incidently, Bicycle day (The day he intentionally dosed himself with LSD) was celebrated just sometime ago (April 19th)

And to think he gave us the gift of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds while trying to develop a relief medication for headaches !!

For those of you who havent yet read “My problem Child” authored by Hoffman… try and do so when its possible.

His spirit will live on… and who knows maybe in another lifetime he will cross our paths!

“Today a new sun rises
Look in the mirror
there’s no surprises
Things ain’t what they used to be
Cary Grant’s on L.S.D.

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime

It’s the only way to be
From here to eternity
Things ain’t what they used to be
We’re living under a false economy

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime

A million mums are hooked on valium
And you should see what you
have done to them
Things ain’t what they used to be
A generation raised on poverty

If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime
If I only had time
I’d think of the perfect crime


The GodFathers – If I only had time