Ram Setu : Indian Government to re-examine Sethusamudram

14 09 2007


ram.jpgThe government will re-examine the Sethusamudram project so that the Ram Setu is not disturbed and has been given three months by the Supreme Court to do so. The government has also withdrawn a controversial affidavit that said there is no historical proof of Lord Ram’s existence.

The affidavit says: ”The government has total respect for all religions and Hinduism in particular in the context of present case. The government is alive and conscious of religious sensibilities, including the unique ancient and holy text of Ramayana having regards to public sentiments.”


The Centre said in a fresh affidavit that it never meant to cast aspersions on any faith.

A Bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balkrishnan, which allowed the Centre to withdraw the affidavits, said that the August 31 interim order putting on hold the construction in Rama Setu area will continue.

The Court in its interim order had allowed the dredging activity. It posted the matter for hearing in the first week of January, 2008.


Source : NDTV News




One response

3 11 2007
Santosh Kumar Jha

श्री राम सेतु असत्य पर सत्य की जीत है / श्री राम के इतिहाश को सत्य के प्रमाण को तुम नस्ट न करो / श्री राम सेतु को बचने के लिए बढो / मै हिंदुस्तान के सरकार से यह निबेदन करता हूँ की करोरो लोगो के आस्था के इस प्रतीक को नस्ट न करें / साथ ही हिंदुस्तान के सभी हिन्दुस्तानी से मेरा निबेदन है की वह सरकार पर दबाब डाले ताकि सरकार इसको तोरने का जोखिम न उठाए /
संतोष कुमार झा

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