Sony unveils “Rolly” – What is it?

10 09 2007

rolly_w03_1280.jpgThe Sony Rolly SEP-10BT “Sound Entertainment Player” is officially here. Though it’s not really clear what the utility of this gizmo is.

Its not the pet robot, nor is it a portable audio player, or stereo.

What the Rolly does is flutters about, dancing and playing MP3, ATRAC, or AAC tunes via either Bluetooth with A2DP / AVRCP or its 1GB of internal memory. In fact, not only does Rolly dance to your music, apparently you can also choreograph it and share your Rolly moves with pals over the internet. A full charge gets you five hours straight music, four hours of dance and music, or three and a half hours dancing, music, and Bluetooth use together — fantastic news for people with a clean desk and tons of time to kill.

It’ll cost around ¥40,000 (or $350 US) when it hits the markets in Japan end of this month.

Source : Engadget Japan





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