Solar power cells to be affordable in the near future.

13 07 2007

200707130022_01.jpgA group of Korean scientists have developed a solar cell that will boost the alternative energy industry and solve our problem of depleting fossil fuels.

Industry sources say the efficiency of converting solar power to electricity should be at least seven percent for commercialization, which up until now has never been achieved.

The researchers plan to double the cell’s efficiency and commercialize the technology by 2012. The plastic solar cell is rated to have 6.5 percent efficiency which is sufficiently high for commercial products.

This innovation sounds promising to me and it will be good to see these solar cells making its way into common place consumer goods! Go Korea !

Existing solar cells that use silicon semiconductors cost US$2.30 to generate one watt of electricity, which is three to 10 times higher than the production cost of thermal or hydro power. The new plastic solar cell costs just ten cents per watt.

Source : Digital Chosunilbo




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23 07 2007
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