Beijing to take a million cars off the street !

6 07 2007


In a bid to ensure cleaner air, Beijing is planning to ban a million cars from the city’s streets as preparation for next year’s Olympics. The test run will last 2 weeks in Beijing from August 7-20.

This two-week period is crucial to Olympic planners, as it roughly coincides with the time that the Games will be held next year, from August 8-24.  As per official statistics around 15 billion dollars has allready been spent on a massive pollution clean-up in the run-up to the Olympics.

Air quality remains a key concern.

Despite assurances from the Chinese government, International Olympic Committee leaders have expressed deep concern about the problem and demanded “contingency measures” to contain the pollution threat.

Beijing Olympic organising committee spokeswoman Zhu Jing also confirmed that the traffic ban was being prepared as part of the one-year countdown test program.

Zhu said the plan to remove one million of Beijing’s three million cars was inspired by a similar campaign that proved effective during a China-Africa summit hosted by Beijing last year.

“Air quality was better, and traffic congestion improved,” she said.

Zhu said the measures would be officially announced once they are approved by the city’s rubber-stamp People’s Congress on July 24.

Source : Yahoo green




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11 07 2007
Auto Enthusiasts

Beijing to ban a million cars for clean air

In a crucial offense to eliminate the choking smog that covers Beijing, one million cars will be removed from the polluted and congested streets of the city this summer.

In July 4, the World Bank said that at least 460,000 Chinese people die each …

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