Japans fastest bullet train : n700

3 07 2007


The obsession never ends! Type N700, a new bullet train developed in Japan is said to be the fastest yet.

The n700 can hit speeds of up to 186mph (previous record was 168.5mph). This translates to a 2hr 25mins ride from Tokyo to Osaka. It uses a new form of Automatic Train Control (or ATC) to monitor the train’s speed and stability during curves in the track and also boasts a 30% increase in acceleration, which reduces the amount of time it takes to reach its maximum speed.

All that money to save 5 mins ! Oh wait.. was it the japs who said, time = money ?




One response

18 07 2007

Took it last week. Really nice and sleek. I found some vids of the n700 here

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