Rama Sethu : Scientific facts

1 07 2007

The Ram Sethu (which was re-christened Adams Bridge by the Brits) is facing serious threat of being hurriedly destroyed, paying no heed to protests. Ironically it is the Indian Government that argues that there is no documentary evidence to prove the heritage. Its time that UNESCO, Greenpeace and some of the global organizations start making a racket about this.

In this exclusive podcast, by Dr.S.Kalyanaraman, an eminent researcher on Indian heritages produces all documentary evidences for the existence of a man made bridge. He also warns that if the bridge is destroyed, it would cause damage to ecology and also create a greater risk to western India, if next Tsunami occurs.

Marine bioreserve in Gulf of Mannar and Setusamudram Channel Project — a cartographic and pictorial essay (26 May 2007)




2 responses

20 09 2007

Heritage knows no religion. Why did the world opinion rise against the destruction of the Budha statues by the Taliban? It was because we have a duty to preserve history, (even if it is the history of geographical evolution). It is surprising to see that politicians are putting expediency ahead of fact finding.
And why this obsession with ‘man-made’ and natural? If the bridge is not man made, it is a divine work. That is all the more reason to preserve ot!

29 03 2010
Vishlal gupta

Yes we have to preserve the Ram sethu , whatsoever the decision given by the court , public faith should not be lay down for this heritage

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