Proper Education!

4 02 2007

1979 : Psychedelic gurus Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the wall” is a track that made a mile stone in history.

Proper Education

2007 : Im not much of a house music fan but Eric Prydz track titled “Proper Education”, a remix of Floyds track has a thumbs up from me.

The track itself doesnt tickle my nuts but the concept, VIDEO and theme of the whole thing is brilliant!

Download : Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd – Proper Eductaion

I think this is the first time a Pink Floyd mix has ever officially been realeased.

The track isnt just limited to supremo David Gilmour’s vocals with a bouncy electro bassline. Lots of the original musical elements have been used in the remix too.

Considering Floyd always used their videos/music to get an important message across, it seems like their getting a new lease of life.

The video for ‘Proper Education’ focuses on the rapid climatic change and the issues surrounding global warming. The video shows group of young people engaged in a series of breaking into local flats, in order to switch appliances off standby, change light bulbs for energy efficient alternatives, place bricks in toilet cisterns, alongside a series of other energy saving measures.




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