Sun Salutation : Surya Namaskar

7 04 2005

suryanamaskar.jpgSuryanamaskar combines Yogasanas and Pranayama and brings about the general flexibility of the body preparing it for further Asanas and Pranayama. This is usually done both at sunrise and sunset, facing the Sun.

There are mainly 2 modes of performing Suryanamaskar. In one, there are 12 steps or counts and in the other only 10 in each round. Each stage of Suryanamaskar is accompanied by regulation of breath.

The 12 steps of the Suryanamaskar are as follows:

1. Stand erect with the legs together and palms together. Take the hands above the head and bend the trunk backwards. Here, inhale fully.

2. Bend the body to the bend and touch the knees by the forehead. Keep the palms on the floor on either side of the legs. Exhale fully.

3. In this stage, kick the right leg back, take the left knee forward, look up and inhale. Touch the thigh with the heel.

4. In the next step, take the left leg also back, resting only on palms and toes; keep the body straight from head to toes inclined to the ground at about 30 degree. Here exhale completely.

5. Now, bend at the knee and rest the knees on the floor without altering the positions of the palms and toes. Rest the forehead on the ground. In this position inhale while moving backwards and then exhale completely.

6. Without moving the hands and toes, come forward on the chest and rest the forehead, chest, hands, knees and legs all the eight organs will be touching the ground. The buttocks will be raised up. Stay in ‘Breath-out’ condition (Bahyakumbhaka).

7. Inhale, raise the head and trunk making the spine concave upwards without changing the position of the hands and feet. Keep the knees off the ground.

8. Exhale. Raise the buttocks, push the head down and have a complete arch with the heels touching the ground a palms on the floor.


9. Same as 5th step. Inhale and exhale.

10. Inhale and bring the right leg in between the two hands and in line with them. Arch the back concave upwards as in step 3.

11. Exhale and bring the left food forward next to the right foot and touch the knees with forehead as in 2.

12. Inhale. Come up, stand erect with hands along the body and relax.

(In 10 Stages Suryanamaskar, the 5th and 9th stages are omitted).




7 responses

1 01 2008

hello, in the first image :

in the 4. step it looks lke the girls is bringing her left leg back . is it correct? it`s a little bit confusing! (i really dont if it matters, but anyway, would like to know!)

just wanted to say to anybody who`s reading here: dont harm Yourself and better look for a Yoga instructor who will teach You these things and aswer questions about Yoga.

thank you,

16 12 2009

Thanks, for the image. My friend advised me to do surya namaskar for asthma problem and I got the image from your website, thanks again.

16 02 2010
Shiva Nagini

Should the 3rd step be changed in the next step or the same leg (Right leg) should be kicked back, i.e., when we are doing several sets of complete surya namashkaram?

Please advise

13 07 2010

How many calories can Surya namaskar burn. I am planning to reduce weight and doing it from 6 months but i have no results.

Can you please advise

16 01 2011

Doing Suryanamaskars every day some times with guru doing 54 times withoutmost interest and concerntrarion getting good swet and feeling lightly with good energy any have as per theoritic study Iam going some times wrong will it effect me or Sun GOD will execuse me

2 08 2011
2 05 2012

how many calories are burnt by doing 1set(i.e doing 24 steps)

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